Tutorial: Sharing Custom Fuse Assets

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Hi everybody!  In this video I’m going to go over the process of getting custom Fuse assets from your database so that you can share or sell them!  We’ll also go over how team members or customers can use that content in their own database.  


When you import custom content to Fuse the application creates special files that tell it what to do with the content.  These special files make up a new Fuse asset.  You can share these assets directly to preserve all of the special Fuse-specific information very easily.

First, let’s cover how to take Fuse assets from your database so you can share them.



From inside Fuse just select File > Browse Imported Files.  You’ll be taken to your Fuse custom content directory.  The directory has two folders > Clothes and Parts.

The parts folder will hold any custom character body parts while the cloths folder will hold clothing and hair.  In each category you’ll find additional folders - one for each custom asset you've imported to your database.

To share your imported Fuse asset, just select the entire folder of the asset, add it to a .zip and send it off!  The key benefit to sharing your assets this way is that the import wizard doesn't need to be used and the person using the assets will have all of your setup and substance presets preserved for them to use!


If you need to import custom content that you've gotten from a team member or purchased from a content creator, the process is nearly identical.  From inside Fuse select File > Browse Imported Files.

Extract the .zip of Fuse assets into either “Cloths” or “Parts”, depending on the type.  Back in Fuse, just use the “File > Refresh Database” command and the new parts will be imported to your library.  Any of the substance presets that were set up by the original import will be preserved.  You can choose to set your own defaults for assets by adjust the substance settings as desired and selecting the “Set Default” option at the top of the Texture Editor window.

That’s it!  Sharing your content with team members or selling your custom designs is easy!  We’d love to see what custom content you’re making for Fuse so feel free to reach out and post on our Community forums!


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