Introducing Mixamo 2.0

Important notice for Mixamo customers. 
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Here at Mixamo we create technology that speeds up your pipeline and saves you time. A core part of Mixamo has always been our web-based auto-rigging and animation services. We’re very excited to introduce the first complete revision of Mixamo. Welcome to Mixamo 2.0!

WebGL Viewer

The first thing you may notice about the website is that it's faster. A lot faster. The new website is based on WebGL technology and allows us to give you more information at rapid speeds and will be viewable on mobile devices.. Best part is, there is now no plugin required to install!

Mixamo Store

One of the most important updates is the new Mixamo Store! It’s a combination of our previous animation and character collections, packaged up with a lot of new tech! The store is broken down into several areas.


Here we'll show off all the coolest stuff from Mixamo.  You'll be able to see when we've added new animations or check out one that you maybe didn't know about when it becomes featured.

Mixamo 2 Featured Content


We want you to be able to find everything needed for your project without having to jump around to different places so the new "All" view is great!  Characters, animations, and motion packs in one place.

Mixamo 2 characters and animation

Keeping Organized

We also want you to be able to whittle your results down so you find just what you need, faster. In Mixamo 2.0, the animation and character collections also have their own pages for easy filtering. Characters, animations and motion packs each have unique icons to make them visually distinct.

We've also added in a favorites feature! You can now hover over any asset of any type and click the heart to favorite it. Your favorite assets are added to the Favorites view so you can access them easily!

Mixamo 2 animation icons

Improved Search

Another great new feature is our improved searching. We've completely rebuilt our search engine and that means you’ll get better results faster! Search results will now also deliver more options like characters, animation packs and individual animations.

Mixamo 2 Improved search filters

Integrated Viewer

An amazing feature of Mixamo 2.0 is the new editor view, which has been integrated with every page. You no longer need to alternate between browsing the animation collection and editing an animation on a separate page. These have been combined into the entire experience, making the entire process much faster and more efficient!

Mixamo 2 WebGL 3d viewer

Animation Packs

With the new design we've also re-conceptualized motion packs into animation packs! A motion pack used to be a pre-made mini-game with matching animations. However, they were time consuming to make and inflexible to work with so we never had a lot available. What's an animation pack now?

Essentially an animation pack is still a collection of animations, but unlike the old motion packs they are now completely customizable. We've also expanded our own animation packs, giving you more options to get a quick start on your project. Because the packs are editable you can remove, add and rename animations to make the exact pack that you need for your game.

Mixamo 2 customized 3d animation pack

Shopping Cart

There’s a brand new shopping cart that’s been introduced with Mixamo 2.0 as well. The best thing about this is that you can now add multiple items to your cart and check out all at once! No more need to make a separate purchase for each auto-rig or animation.

Mixamo 2 shopping cart

Bulk Download

To make downloading multiple animations easier we've introduced a new download “queue” system. Once you've set your preferences your download will be queued up and processed in the background.

Mixamo 2 Bulk 3d animation

You can continue to work on other characters and animations without having to stay around waiting for your files to process. Queue up a dozen or a hundred animations, then go back to doing something else.

Mixamo 2 download 3d animation


Moving Forward

This overhaul of the Mixamo website is just the first step in providing you the high quality animations you need to make your games a reality.

We’re so excited about Mixamo 2.0 and we can’t wait to hear what you think! We’ve created a new forum in our Community and we invite everyone to leave their feedback!



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