Tutorial: Using the Presets Feature

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Did you know that you can create presets of your clothing and bodies inside of Fuse?  Making a preset is easy and it's a great way to speed up your production and expand your library!


Start with any assets!


In the Texture Workspace use the parametric substances to completely customize the look and feel of your asset.


Make sure the asset is selected in the viewport and click on the "Create Preset" button (the star icon) on the main toolbar, use the "File > Create Preset from Item" command, or use the hotkey Ctrl/Cmd + P.


You'll be asked to give your new item a name.  The asset will be saved and a new preview will be generated.  You'll find your new preset in the same category as the original item, so if you create a preset for a top you'll find it in the "Tops" category.


With presets you can quickly grow your library to speed up future character creation.  It's great for getting quick start variations on hair color or creating uniforms and styles for re-use.


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