Tutorial: Animating a Character

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The Mixamo Store is an online library of thousands of high quality, motion captured animations.  You can use these animations and poses to bring your own creative projects to life.  In order to animate, you'll first need a character:


Select a Character

Once your character is uploaded it will be added to My Assets, your online library of characters and animations, so you can access it at any time. To begin animating, select one of your characters from the My Assets > My Characters page!

mixamo 3d character software


A preview of your 3d Character will be displayed in the viewer.  In the viewer options choose "Find Animations". 

mixamo 3d character animation library


Search for Animations

The Mixamo Store animation collection will open.  Use the search field and filters to find the animation you want to apply to your character.  Just click on your animation to start using it!

mixamo 3d character animation library

In the viewer options you'll see information about the animation you're currently editing.  You can use the simple slider system to customize your animation!

mixamo customizable 3d character animations


Use Packs for Multiple Animations

You can also add animations into a 'pack'.  A pack is just a container full of animations.  You can use packs to easily edit multiple animations, organize them into groups, bulk download an entire pack, or copy the animations to other characters.  Packs are limited to 75 animations.

mixamo 3d character animation packs

The current animation being edited will have a black arrow next to it.  There's also options to name your pack, duplicate it for another character, or delete it.

mixamo 3d character animation packs


Add to My Assets

When you've finished customizing your animation or animation pack just click the "View/Download" button and it will automatically be moved to My Assets for quick access, editing and downloading.

When you're ready to download, select the checkboxes on each animation you want to include, then press the "Queue Download" button and select the file format and animation options right for your project.

mixamo 3d character animation software

There are no limitations to what you can do with your animations and we have extensive tutorials to help you integrate into your pipeline using 3DS Max, Maya, Unity, Unreal Engine, and so much more!




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