DAZ: Mixamo and DAZ 3D

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Start by making your character in DAZ3D.


Export the character as .fbx.  In the export options make sure to select the "Merge Clothing into Figure Skeleton" option is checked on.


Upload the .fbx file to  Since the character already includes skinning information the upload process is automatic and you can immediately choose an animation for your character.


Select an animation for your character and tailor it for your character using the customization sliders.


When you're ready, download the animation in .fbx format with the skin included.  Your animations are always available in the "My Purchases" section of the User Menu.


In your DAZ3D scene with your original figure choose File > Import and select the .fbx file downloaded from  When prompted to choose what to import select the "" animation sequence.


Your skinned and animated character will be imported into the DAZ3D scene.  Just delete the non-animated version and your character is ready to go!









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