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The most important thing to remember about creating content for Fuse is that the textures will be completely generated within the program using substances.  Therefore, it is important to adhere to the simple, yet strict UV guidelines.  There is opportunity for adding your own texture detail, but it’s important to focus on creating a solid sculpt and base mesh first and foremost.  An efficient low-resolution mesh with the best extraction of maps from the high-resolution mesh will yield the best results in Fuse.  Then using the built in texturing system will give a lot of power to quickly modify the look of the asset.

Fuse textures are generated from these key input maps:

  • Normal Map
  • Ambient Occlusion Map
  • Detail Map
  • Region Mask (Clothing)

Mixamo uses substances from Allegorithmic to generate textures based on parameters set within Fuse.  The Mixamo_Body_Substance, Mixamo_Clothing_Substance, and Mixamo_Hair_Substance  are compositing trees that will generate the final output maps based on how you set their parameters within Fuse.  

The maps that are output from Fuse for use in game engines etc. are:

  • Diffuse
  • Normal
  • Gloss
  • Specular

The Content Creator Pack

To help get you started making content we provide you with a package of base meshes and example files called the Content Creator Pack.  You can download this from within Fuse by using the File > Download Content Creator Pack menu options or from the Mixamo website.

Each version of Fuse has a unique content creator pack so be sure to download the package appropriate for your version!  When using the File > Download Content Creator Pack option from within Fuse your version will be automatically detected and the appropriate package will download for you.

If you are downloading manually please be careful as assets created with the wrong package may not import!

What Content Can I Make?

Fuse is very flexible with the style, genre and type of content you can create and import, but there are some general recommendations for what works best with both Fuse and the rest of the Mixamo pipeline.

Tips for Bodies

  • Fuse is a humanoid character creator so near-human designs work best.  Orcs, trolls, elves, gnomes, dwarves, pixies and other humanoids are good ideas!
  • Characters that are not human enough will not work with the Fuse blendshape system.
  • Reverse joints will not work with the blendshapes and will not rig correctly.
  • Full hands are required.
  • Large protrusions like horns are not recommended.


Tips for Clothing

  • Design your clothing to fit to particular areas.  Containing it to the head, torso or hips+legs will give the best blendshape results and allow you to mix and match clothing best.
  • Draping clothing, particularly around the legs.  These will look and function fine in Fuse, however if you plan to use the auto-rigger and Mixamo animations the cloth will be rigged to each leg and will not unfold or flow.
  • Capes, cloaks or other long trailing items will not rig well.

Tips for Hair

  • Similar to clothing, long hair will not have unique bones created and will be rigged to the body skeleton.
  • Short hair contained to the head region works best.
  • Longer hair should be fitted to the neck and shoulders as it will be skinned to those.
  • Hair longer than the shoulder blades may have strange results.


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