Tutorial: Face Plus for Motion Builder

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You'll first need to install the Face Plus plugin for MotionBuilder.  It's available at in the My Software section of the user menu.  To install just copy the x64 folder included in the .zip to your MotionBuilder 2014 install location (Default: ~\Program Files\Autodesk\MotionBuilder 2014\bin\x64\ ).

You'll also need a character with either facial blend shapes or a facial joint rig.  Characters created with Fuse will have the option to generate facial blendshapes when auto-rigged through Mixamo or you can create them manually.  For testing we've included two demo characters (batteryboy_demo.fbx and batterygirl_demo.fbx, included in the install .zip).


Create a character with the required facial blend shapes or facial joint rig.


Open your character .fbx in Motion Builder 2014.


In the Asset Browser choose Devices and locate the "mixamo device".  Drag it into the scene.


In the Navigator you will now see a rollout for Devices and the mixamo device.


Expand the mixamo device to find the Face Plus driver.  Double click to be brought to the face plus mapping tab.  Here you can set the relationship between the driver and the blend shapes/joints.


After verifying your mapping return to the mixamo device and log in with the e-mail and password you use on  The Online check will turn green and by default you should see a preview of your camera and the Live check mark will turn on meaning that your face should immediately start tracking.  You can also choose a pre-recorded video file to record from.


When you're ready to record press the "recording" box.  Then press record on the MotionBuilder timeline control.  You'll be prompted to create a new take.


Press the play button and the timeline indicator will begin to move.  You are now recording live.  When you're done press the stop button.


To view your animation turn off the recording and live options in Face Plus and scrub through the timeline.



From here you can edit your animations, export them and get them in game!

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