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What is Face Plus?
Face Plus is a facial animation solution that works off just a webcam!

What do I need to use Face Plus?
You'll need either Motion Builder 2014 or Unity Pro 4.3.0+ and a webcam.
We also have a free standalone demo!

What are the system requirements?
Windows 7/8 or OSX 10.9.0+
High-End, OpenCL Compatible Video Card

Is Face Plus joint driven or does it use blend shapes?
Both modes are available!

Does Mixamo offer facial rigging for Face Plus?
Fuse characters will automatically have facial blend shapes generated for them, but we do not currently provide a full facial rig. There is no automatic solution for non-Fuse characters.

What inputs does Face Plus take?
Face Plus is designed for real-time facial animation from a webcam but you can also use pre-recorded videos!

The recording seems to skip around a lot. What's wrong?
Make sure you're well lit from the front. Backlight and sidelight can cast your features into shadow and causes the camera to lose it's tracking. Also, turning off other programs to give FacePlus more of your system resources may help.

How can I optimize my facial recordings?
Use the "Calibration" button to create a calibration preset. Simply follow the prompts to create each face and FacePlus will store a relationship between your specific facial motions and it's default. This can greatly increase the quality of the recordings.

Can I record audio at the same time?
Yes! The Unity plugin includes the option to record both animation and audio at the same time.

Do the standard blendshapes include phenomes for lipsync?
Not currently.

Can I edit the animations?
Yes! In Unity the animations are saved as .anims and are completely compatible with the animation systems, including editing and Mecanim.

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