Tutorial: Create a Character with Fuse 1.3

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There are five major sections to the interface in Fuse.  

  • File Functions - Create, Save, and Open fuse files!
  • Controls - Pan, Rotate, Focus or the default "select and move" options
  • Canvas - The area you can view and manipulate your character.
  • Workspaces - Switch between the creation modes.
  • Workspace Options - Changes depending on which mode we're in.


The first step of building your character is creating the initial body from the library of interchangeable parts provided with Fuse.  While in the Assemble workspace select a head, torso, legs, and arms or right click an asset to add a matching set.


When you're ready switch to the Customize workspace.  Hovering your mouse over the body will reveal highlighted regions which allow you to further customize the character mesh.  Click on any area of the body to manipulate it.  Most areas have four controls - mouse up, down, left, and right.  Additionally, sliders for every part of the body are available in the Workspace Options area of the UI for fine tuning. 


Within the Clothing workspace you'll find a library of tops, bottoms, shoes, hair and much more to dress your character.  Advanced users can also import their own assets (Creating Custom Fuse Content).


The Texture workspace is powered by Allegorithimic’s Substance texturing system.  Select the body, hair or any clothing item you want to edit.  In the Workspace Options area you'll see all the 'sections' of the clothing.  Select one you want to edit such as the Main Fabric.  Then, along the bottom of the canvas, choose a substance you want to apply to that section.  You can now edit the procedural substance using the sliders and other options to completely customize your character.


Fuse doesn't force you to work in a linear fashion.  You can return to the assemble and customize panel to get a different body type while preserving the clothing and substances you've created.


From here you can upload your character to using the yellow "Animate" button in the top-right corner of the interface.  This will send your character to our online animation platform where it will be rigged automatically before you animate it.  Check out the tutorial on how to animate a character using Mixamo!



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