Tutorial: Auto-Rigging a 3D Model

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The auto-rigger is a completely automatic solution to rigging any humanoid character!  To begin, visit us the Mixamo Store - our online rigging and animation software - and select "Upload" from the main menu. Just select the file you want to upload!


Upload a Character

Use the upload window to select your file.  We accept 3 file types.

  • FBX - Make sure "embed media" is turned on to upload your textures.
  • OBJ - OBJ files don't include textures so characters will appear gray.
  • ZIP - To show textures for an .obj put the .obj, .mtl and textures into a .zip and upload the whole .zip file.


Orient the Character

Mixamo uses a y-axis up environment.  If your environment was z-up, you can use the orientation tools to make sure your character is facing upright.  Orientation should only be used to rotate the scene, not the character.  Be sure your character is up-right and facing forward before uploading!


Place the Auto-Rigging Markers

Drag and drop the marker symbols to the corresponding parts of your character. This helps the auto-rigger fit to your custom body! You can also choose your Skeleton Level of Detail to change the number of fingers to use, so you're in control of your character optimization.



In less than two minutes the auto-rigger will build a skeleton for your character and completely handle the rigging for you so you can preview the results right away.  If you run into any issues during the auto-rigging process be sure to check out the Auto-Rigger Troubleshooting guide.


With a rigged character you can browse the Mixamo Store to apply animations and take your character into any 3D software or game engine!  Auto-rigging is a very easy way to save hours of work and get a big jump start on your project.


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