Tutorial: Fuse to Face Plus Unity

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You'll first need to install the Face Plus plugin for Unity.  It's available at in the My Software section of the user menu.  To install just open your Unity project and use the menus to select Asset > Import Package > Custom Package and select the package.


Create your character in Fuse 1.2.


Press the Animate button within Fuse, log in with your Mixamo e-mail and your character will be processed and uploaded to your account.


Auto Rigging for Fuse characters is completely automatic.  After the rig is done make sure you select "Enabled" for the Facial Blendshapes option at the bottom of the auto-rigging screen.


Download your character in as .fbx for Unity format.  Launch your Unity Project. Import the Face Plus Unity Package. Import your character .fbx.


After installing the Face Plus plugin use the Unity menu and browse to Window > Mixamo Face Plus to open the FacePlus interface.  Click on the Configure Fuse Character button.  This will open a small floating window which asks for a Fuse Character GameObject.  Drag your character game object from the Heirarchy/Project view into the GameObject input field and select "Configure this character".


Click the Create a Calibration Preset button in the Face Plus window.  Select the GameObject of any configured Fuse character and click Start Calibrating.  For each of the expressions make the face and click the set button, working from top to bottom.  When done click "Save".  We recommend naming the preset with the name of the actor and the character as the preset is a relationship between them.  You should create a different preset for each character/actor combination.


In the Face Plus window create a new animation by selecting the Create New button in the Current Take section.  Set your capture mode to Realtime for webcam tracking or video to capture from a pre-recorded video file.  If you want to record audio select the microphone, if not set it to disabled.  Finally, choose the camera you want to capture from.  When ready, press record.  Animate your face as desired for the take.


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