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If you have a Mixamo Auto-Rigged character you can easily convert it into a CAT character using our free conversion script.



Open your auto-rigged character in 3DS Max.


Use the menus to select MAXScript > Run Script and browse to where you downloaded the conversion script.  Choose the script named AutoCAT and select Open.


A small floating window will open.  Press the Create CAT button and the automatic conversion process will take over!


When the script has completed running your character will be transformed to a CAT system and is ready to use!


Start from an auto-rigged character that has been converted to CAT.  It is recommended that you organize your scene into three layers (one for the mesh, one for the CAT rig, and the default layer) before importing animation for easier selection but this is not required.


Select the spine and neck bones and in the Modify Tab change the Spine Setup > Spine Control setting to "Keyframed".


Export the CAT rig and character mesh as an .fbx with media embedded (if you want to preview textures on the website).  


Go to Mixamo's character uploader or select Rig from the main Mixamo menu.  Just select the file you want to upload!


Auto-CAT characters are automatically mapped so you can immediately choose an animation and use the sliders to customize it.


Download your animated character in .FBX format with skeleton only.  Your animations are always saved in the My Purchases section of the user menu.


Import the animated .fbx into your 3DS Max CAT scene.  Make sure that the Include > File Content option is set to "Add".


You should now see your CAT rig and mesh and a separate animated skeleton.


Use the file menus to choose Animation > CAT > Capture Animation.  This will open the Capture animation dialogue.  Click on the Source Objects button and then select the Base HumanPelvis (pelvis) from your animated skeleton.  Select the Target Rig button and then select the Base Human (pelvis) from your CAT rig.  If you have layers you can toggle selecting the correct joint is easier.

With the source and target boxes selected choose "Load" under the Mapping section.  We have a premade .cam file with the correct mapping available for you.  This file should work for all auto-rigged characters and SkeLOD options.


Press the Capture Animation button and the animation from your source rig will be captured onto your target rig!



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