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How often does Mixamo add new animations?
We usually add new animations on a monthly basis.

Can I use your animations on my own pre-rigged characters?
Yes! After uploading you'll be prompted to re-target your skeleton to ours.

Can I change an animation setting after purchasing it?
Yes! You can make infinite variations of an animation purchased for a character.

What is an animation pack?
Packs are pre-grouped animations designed to work together. You can download Unity packages which include the animations, locomotion scripts and Animator Controllers for Mecanim.

What is a sequence?
Sequences are animations created from blending multiple single animations. For example you could choose to have one punch animation and then another to form a double punch sequence.

When should I use sequences?
When you want an animation to always be blended in one direction. If you want to go from Idle to Walk and then from Walk to Idle, it's best to download those seperately and let your game engine handle the blend logic!

What software can I use Mixamo animations with?
We support FBX, BVH and Collada format files which you can download and then import into most 3D applications such as Maya, 3ds Max, Motionbuilder, XSI, Blender, C4D, Houdini and much more!

Can I upload my own animation to
This is currently not available.

Can I request a motion?
For general requests you can post in the motion request portion of the forum.

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