Tutorial: Upload a Rigged Character to Animate

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Have your own 3D character you want to animate?  You can upload your character to the Mixamo Store to apply animations directly to your custom skeleton!


Visit the Store

Visit us at the Mixamo Store and select "Upload" from the main menu. Just select the file you want to upload!


Upload a Character

Use the upload window to select your file.  We accept 3 file types.

  • FBX - Make sure "embed media" is turned on to upload your textures.
  • OBJ - OBJ files don't include textures so characters will appear gray.
  • ZIP - To show textures for an .obj put the .obj, .mtl and textures into a .zip and upload the whole .zip file.


Map Your Skeleton

The Store will usually automatically create a 'map' of your skeleton.  If so, you'll see a notice saying your character is ready to use and you can continue on to animate your character!


If your character's skeleton is more complex, we might not be able to automatically map it and instead you'll be prompted to map your skeleton manually.

Select a node on the default skeleton (left) and then the corresponding node on your custom skeleton (right).  Once you've mapped all of the required bones choose "Done" to complete the mapping process.


Your character will be added to My Assets, your online library of characters and animations, so you can access it at any time.  Now that Mixamo knows your skeleton, you can apply animations and take your character into any 3D software or game engine!




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