Auto-Rig FAQ

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What file formats can I upload?
We accept .fbx and .obj file formats, or to upload an .obj with textures you can .zip it with the .mtl and textures.

My character won't upload - what's wrong?
Make sure your file meets the following requirements:
- 30 MB file size limit
- .fbx, .obj or a .zip (containing .obj, .mtl and textures)
- Mesh Only (no NURBs surfaces or Fibermesh hair, please).
- No spaces between meshes.

If you're still experiencing an issue please submit a ticket!

My character uploaded with no textures!
For .fbx files make sure you export them from your 3D application with the option "Embed Media" checked. For .obj files you'll need to put them in a .zip with the .mtl and textures (.jpg/.png)

My characters fingers weren't rigged. Why?
The auto-rigger looks for space between the fingers so upload your character in a t-pose with spread fingers for best results.

What if my character is already rigged and skinned?
Great! Just upload it as normal and you'll be asked to map your skeleton to ours. This lets us transfer animations to your skeleton. 

What if my custom rig has extra bones like a tail?
As long as you have the minimum joints any extras are fine! The extra joints will not have any motion baked in.

Do you auto-rig quadrupeds or non-humans?
Not at this time.

If I auto-rig a character and then update the model, can I update it on Mixamo?
No. Each upload is considered a unique character. We provide free previews for all uploaded characters so you're never charged until you verify. Be sure to double check your model!

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