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What is Adobe Fuse CC (Preview) and Fuse 1.3 (Preview)?

Fuse is a character creation software that allows anyone to create high quality, highly customized, 3D characters very quickly.  The current version is Fuse 1.3.  The upcoming release is titled Adobe Fuse CC (Preview).


Where can I get Fuse?

Fuse 1.3 (Preview) is available from the "My Software" link on .  Adobe Fuse CC (Preview) is not yet available for download.  Fuse is a technology preview and is free to all users with an Adobe ID.


How do I get started learning to use Fuse?

Check out the Fuse tutorials for using Fuse to create your own 3D characters or ask a question on the Fuse forums..


What types of projects can I use Fuse characters in?

Fuse characters are very robust and can be used in any type of creative project such as a graphic design, video or even a 3D interactive experience such as a video game.


Can I use Fuse characters commercially?

Yes.  Characters created in Fuse can be used for commercial projects royalty free.


Can I get more content for Fuse?

Fuse does not currently have additional content.  You can make a content request by voting for an idea or posting your own in the Fuse Content Ideas forum.  We’d love to know what type of content you’d like to see in the future!


What are the different export options used for?

There are three export workflows available for Fuse characters.

Use the “Save to CC Libraries” option if you want to use your Fuse character in Photoshop CC.  Characters exported in this method are fully rigged and can be animated in Fuse.  They are saved as .psd files in your CC Libraries.

Use the “Save to Mixamo” option if you want to use your Fuse character in a 3D software or game engine.  Characters exported in this method are fully rigged and animated on the Mixamo website and can be downloaded in .fbx, .dae and .bvh formats.

Use the “Export Model as OBJ” option if you are a 3D artist and want to create a custom rig.  Characters exported in this way do not have any rigging.


Does Fuse require an internet connection?

You can create characters, save .fuse files and export the un-rigged .obj character files without an internet connection.  However to rig and animate the characters you will need to have an active internet connection and choose the option to save your character to Mixamo or CC Libraries.


Why does my Fuse character look different when I import it to another 3d software?

3D graphics rely on dozens of graphical settings including lights, materials, shaders, and post-processing effects.  Every 3D package is different so your character may not look the exact same in every software package.


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